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About Studio Sosenka

As a continent, Europe, has for many centuries developed numerous types of folk decoration, that would manifest in textiles, work implements, house decoration and costume.

The aesthetic is very different to the one commonly seen nowadays in the United Kingdom, with exuberant explosions of colour and motif, many of which are regionally and locally identifiable.

Eastern Europe, the Baltics, Middle Europe and Scandinavia all have their own individual styles , and historically neighbouring cultures would have shared and been inspired by each other's work. The crossover wasn't just cultural - textile and costume motifs would make their way to furniture design and colour palettes, as well as dowry furniture and toys. Superstitions sneak in to many designs, many of which would have been fairly strictly proscribed by indigenous tribes and clans.

I source interesting pieces of furniture mostly from the UK, but the benches come from Romania and Hungary, where they would often have been decoratively painted - so I like to think that we give them back something of their original livery ! My work is based in most instances on the traditions I describe above - but I believe my own hand leaves its mark as well.  
( I am super happy to send additional photos of any available pieces, and of any furniture that is available for commission.)

Sosenka is based in East Suffolk, and is open weekly every Thursday for viewing, call or send a message and I will try to accommodate any other timing.

NB. The prices do not include shipping or postage. They are all available for local collection, otherwise courier and shipment can be arranged for agreed costs. Refunds cannot be accepted.

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