Small Transylvania 'Cifre'

style Romanian box bench 90 x 90 cm 

chalk paint and wax



Ref. B 8

Teal bench




Ref. B6

Small box bench

90 cm


Polish storage bench hand painted
Poilish box bench traditional detail
Polish traditional bench hand folk painting

      Ref. B3

Hungarian / Romanian bench painted in Polish style, traditional motifs and colours. Chalk paint and wax. 90 cm wide  


Hungarian style box bench folk art
Romanian style settle naive art vintage

Ref. B4

Vintage style box bench, originally Hungarian / Romanian.

120 cm wide


Ref. C4

Heavy chest with metal straps, hasp and handles.

67 x 30 cm. Painted in Hungarian style floral pattern. Waxed.



Ref. B7

Contemporary style

hand-painted Romanian box bench


European style dowry chest hand painted

Ref . C2

Small chest painted in Central European ' primitive ' style, 30 x 60 cm. chalk paint and wax.


Bavarian East european style settle hand painted folk art

Ref. B5

This Romanian box bench is painted in central European style, with floral and fleur de lys type scroll work. This style would reflect design that would appear on everything from textiles to pottery, and has a hint of Bavarian motif.


childs bench hand painting romanian folk art

Ref. BB1

An unusual Romanian child's box bench, hand painted with scroll work on the front panel, and two fantasy birds on each side panel. 68 x 70 cm


Bavarian style Hope chest Dowry chest hand painted folk art

Ref. C7

A pretty Bavarian style dowry chest, with two ornamental metal handles either side. The motif is typical of central Europe, with repeat patterns of flowers and bordering scrollwork.

33 x 60


plaster picture naive art style flower reclaimed wood frame

Ref. PP1

An original plasterwork relief picture. Reclaimed wood frame

35 x 45 cm


hand made hook board folk painting swedish style


Hook board, hand painted with 3 hand forged hooks

80 x 20 cm


Hook board scandinavian style hand painted  folkart

Ref. HB2

Hand painted hook board with 3 hand forged hooks.

80 x 20 cm



Ref. SB1

Hand painted side board, with eccentric relief scroll-work and columns, painted with chalk paints and finished off with wax and gilding wax.

155 x 110 cm


Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 18.50.47.jpg

Ref. T1

An original 1950's French trug , handpainted in a fusion of styles, including a touch of Norwegian Rosemaling.  27 x 50 cm


Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 18.51.27.jpg

Ref. CA1

A pretty 4 drawer chest, hand painted in a bold Hungarian style



Bavarian style board with 3 hand forged hooks.

Ref HB1


Motif on a handpainted Hungarian style dowry chest

Motif on a hand painted Hungarian style dowry chest